We are committed to implementing sustainable initiatives that align with our core values and vision. Environmental sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our operations, and we recognise the importance of minimising our ecological footprint. We strive to reduce our environmental impact through the following initiatives.

  • We prioritise the utilisation of eco-friendly and high-quality materials sourced sustainably or incorporating recycled materials whenever feasible. This approach ensures the durability of our equipment while reducing consumption and the need for frequent replacements.
  • We prioritise sourcing equipment and fulfilling business needs from local, sustainable businesses that minimise single-use packaging and prioritise energy efficiency and waste reduction in their manufacturing processes.
  • We measure, reduce and offset our carbon emissions through tree planting schemes
  • Staying informed about environmental legislation, technology and information by attending workshops, conferences and training
  • Adapting to the impacts of climate change, such as avoiding walking on eroded banks of beaches.

Informing our guests about the changes and impacts that have been seen in this area so far and what’s predicted to come.

 Recognition: We are in the process of obtaining our ecotourism accreditation. This is important for Bombora as it showcases out commitment to sustainable practices and responsible tourism. It provides an official recognition of our efforts to minimise our environmental impact and promote conservation. Ecotourism accreditation not only enhances our reputation as an environmentally conscious business but also attracts like-minded travellers who actively seek out eco-friendly experiences. By undergoing the accreditation process, Bombora aims to demonstrate our dedication to providing sustainable and ethical tourism options, further contributing to the preservation of the natural environment and supporting the local communities they operate in.