Practising SUP Fit is an innovative sports trend that is done on a SUP board which can be floating on calm waters or on the sand of a beach. This allows a full array of activities that can be done easily such as yoga, pilates, common boot camp exercises and even stretching, depending on the preference of the client. SUP fit is a very complete option when you are looking for something beneficial for your body, since it is an activity that provides great health benefits, even more so when, as in this case, activities such as pilates, Bootcamp and yoga are combined. Our services for SUP fit represent an excellent way to achieve a stronger physique they also contribute to the mind being in balance by strengthening aspects as important as coordination or balance, among others.

Once you complete a SUP Fit session at Bombora SUP Fit you will feel like you have successfully recharged your batteries. This activity helps to lower blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels, which is why it is especially indicated as an excellent way to neutralise all those factors that, in the long run, can cause some damage to health. In the same SUP Fitness session, we are combining bootcamp, pilates and yoga training with Stand Up Paddleboarding with all the benefits that this brings to our health since it improves cardiac resistance and, in addition, works on the toning of all the main muscles with the movements of both activities. It also improves the development of the respiratory system but, above all, it achieves a great improvement in the general physical condition of those who dare to practice this innovative activity.

Practicing SUP Fit for one hour has been proved to help people burn up to 1000 calories. SUP Fitness thus contributes to eliminating fat and preventing obesity, but not only that. It is also especially indicated to correct posture and promote muscle development. It eliminates stress and improves coordination, but above all, its practice makes you secrete endorphins that cause a feeling of well-being and contributes to the rest of those who practice it, eliminating insomnia and lack of sleep. Don’t worry about it anymore, take the leap and come with us to have fun with this excellent sports discipline.