About Us

SUP activities are increasingly popular, turning into some of the most enjoyable activities someone can do on the water. For those who enjoy SUP and enjoy doing physical activity on the water, Bombora SUP Fit is the way to go. We are an accredited ASI SUP School located at Ettalong Beach on the New South Wales Central Coast, a short 1 hour drive north of Sydney and an hour south of Newcastle, with plenty of free parking. We offer excellent programs to complete SUP Fit routines, an excellent boot camp style workout performed in on the beach, on and on stand up paddle boards, and incorporating all kinds of classic boot camp exercises as well as other SUP specific exercises with much more intensity.

Take your time to enjoy a completely different experience that makes your everyday training routine more challenging because it requires more strength, balance, and concentration to complete your bootcamp program. Our main goal here at Bombora SUP Fit is to help you achieve your best whilst striving to be our best learning as much SUP bootcamp as possible so you can start practicing as soon as possible. Before you start, you should know that you don’t need any previous SUP experience to try out excellent workout programs but if you are an experienced SUP paddler, we also have more demanding programs as well.

Stand Up Paddle Bootcamp is completely different from doing it on land, where you are always on the ground, but on a paddle board you are constantly moving with the wind and current, while also balancing on a narrow surface. Because of these water restrictions, doing bootcamp on SUP requires intense concentration and balance to keep the paddling board stable while holding or shifting from one position to another. Ultimately, these new challenges will improve your grounding technique and work muscles you are not used to.

Another amazing benefit of this activity, is that you will be practising outdoors in a beautiful and peaceful body of water. You will breathe fresh air and when you open your eyes you will be able to appreciate the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. A truly remarkable experience that will fill you with joy and energy.

We are here to accompany you on this exciting new challenge! You won’t regret giving it a try!

The Team

A big part of what makes us the preferred place for people who want to experience something different through our exciting training programs is our team, composed of dedicated and passionate professionals who put their heart into everything they do and helping our clients make the most out of every experience they decide to try with us.

Each of our instructors has a unique history, coming from different places and backgrounds, with different skills and experiences to share. We are united by our shared love for the sport and our commitment to always push ourselves to be the best we can be.

We are a team, a team of professional, highly-trained, certified instructors who will make your experience with us exciting, enjoyable and memorable. We hope to see you soon!


Owner & Accredited ASILevel 2SUP Instructor, Cert iv Fitness Instructor and Pilates instructor, passionate about SUP. Karl has a long history in SUP Racing, Ultra Marathon running, mountain biking and sailing. With a really friendly approach and the passion required to teach people everything there is to know about this beautiful activity, Karl’s main goal is to introduce SUP Fit and SUP Ball as a great way to combine many good things such as workout routines while being in contact with the environment; with SUP as the perfect activity for the whole family. It is a low impact, fun way to get fit and enjoy the outdoors. With Karl in charge of the program, every person can have peace of mind knowing that skills, training and guidance are provided to ensure that you are safe and confident while paddling on the water.


Accredited ASI SUP Instructor, SUP Yoga Teacher and also passionate about SUP. Tina says that once someone tries the experience of SUP YOGA or completing a bootcamp workout on SUP, common workout routines start to look so much easier. With a wealth of knowledge on how to control breath during the exercise, Tina’s certainly an example of how an instructor can offer the tools to improve their performance throughout the whole routine.

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