Bombora SUP Fit

Terms & Conditions

Bombora SUPFIT is a premiere provider of SUP lessons and SUP board rentals.

Paddle boarding can be dangerous if you are not a competent paddler and do not understand water hazards, water conditions and weather conditions.

Unpredictable weather patterns, strong currents and changing wind conditions can result in you being blown far from shore and/or into hazards in the water and under the water.

To ensure you stay safe and have a fun paddling experience, we offer both supervised or unsupervised rentals.

We also offer SUP Tours – where you paddle with an ASI Accredited Instructor, guiding you to the best and safest locations.


Rentals are conducted at designated safe paddle-boarding locations only.

Supervised Rentals: The SUP Instructor is in attendance at all times.

Unsupervised Rentals: The ASI SUP instructor will assess your previous experience and advise on suitable locations.

The ASI SUP Instructor will meet you at the designated entry point and provide you with information and paddling boundary maps on the best and safest locations for paddling as well as emergency response information should you get into trouble.

SUP Surfing Locations: Many surf locations are not suitable for SUP surfing. We will assess your SUP surfing skills and advise on the best locations where you can surf to ensure you have a safe and happy experience.

Experienced Paddlers: For persons with over 100 hours paddling experience. Rentals available under flexible arrangements, with location paddling maps provided.

For your safety, all paddlers must only paddle at the designated locations and in suitable weather and water conditions.

Unsupervised SUP Rental Guidelines:

  • Do not paddle alone.
  • Paddle in safe and designated locations only.
  • Advise others when you go paddling and your expected return.
  • Leash must be worn at all times.
  • Wear a watch so you can watch your time.
  • It is recommended to carry a mobile phone in a ‘dry bag’ or ‘waterproof bag’ – in case of an emergency.
  • Be no more than 250 metres from shore at any point.
  • Paddling at night time is not permitted.
  • Equipment

    Damage: Please inspect your board prior to taking it out. We check it upon return and charge $ against your credit card for any dings or damage.